A Brief History of our Church.   1853 -2012

In August 1853, the German Evangelical Congregation was organized. On January 1, 1855, the German Congregation adopted its first constitution and elected a council of four men.  The church constitution was revised in 1892  and incorporated the official title "The German Evangelical Congregation". This name was later amended to "The Evangelical Church of Boonville, Missouri". During the year of 1898, the Boonville Evangelical Church became a member of the "Evangelical Synod", and voted to have one service a month conducted in English. The English service was held on Sunday evening.

A New parsonage was dedicated on November 15, 1903, fifty years after the founding of the church.  In 1915, the Evangelical Church of Boonville voted to expand the church to the South. The cornerstone was laid on October 17, with the work on the annex being completed January 6, 1916. a new 14-rank, vacuum-electric pipe organ, was placed in the new addition, and is still being used today.

1935 was the year that the Evangelical Church merged with the Reformed Church to become the Evangelical and Reformed Church. In July 1953 the Church was redecorated. It was also during this year that the basement was completely renovated by members of the congregation volunteering their services. It was also during this time that  the congregation voted to begin a building fund for the purpose of constructing the Educational Building that is now located south of the Church. It was dedicated April 24, 1956. 

In 1941 the Congregation voted to renovate the sanctuary, provide a formal chancel area and relocate the pipe organ. It was at this time that the chimes were added.

By 1957, the church was to have yet another name. The Evangelical and Reformed Church joined the Congregational Christian Church to become the United Church of Christ.

1978 brought  the dedication of the History Corner in the Lay Center (located in the basement of the church) and the church celebrated it's 125th Anniversary!

A chairlift was added in 1981, to the church building near the front steps,  to make it more accessible for the elderly, disabled and injured members. In May of 2005, the old chairlift was replaced with a new safer and more convenient chairlift.

In 2003, the church celebrated it's 150th Anniversary.

Our History is rich, and our people are active and enthusiastic. Our membership consists of approx. 160 resident members and 21 non-resident members. Age group ranges from 0-106. We have primarily single or married both with and without children.

In 2014 a New Handicap chair lift was purchased and replace the older one, on the east side of the church.

Also, in 2014 the Parsonage was sold to a former member, and made a personal residence, and memorabilia center for past Evangelical United Church of Christ events.

Organization Life

We have many organizations to choose from.to help you serve the Lord with Gladness! Church Council, Brd. of Christian Education, Women's Fellowship, Adult and Children's Sunday School, Confirmation class, VBS, Worship Committee, Trustees, Stewardship & Finance Committee, Fellowship Committee, Church & Ministry, Men's Fellowship, and Junior and Senior Youth Groups.



700 E. Spring

Boonville, Mo.  65233


 Educational Building

416 7th St.

Boonville, Mo.  65233